Wildstar – create your game

Wildstar is a very successful MMORPG game from all points of view, simply because this game has an addictive, rich game play, with complex content, PvP, PvE, virtual spaces with dorm role, plus many other surprise that you will discover playing this game.

The developer Carbine Studios, has aimed to revolutionize this type of game, so Wildstar is a game full of original ideas, a game that is not seen as an enhanced clone of MMORPG games.

Unlike most games of this type, Wildstar has not an action that takes place in medieval times, but the story is SF and is set in an indefinitely time and space. This is one original idea that has placed this game on the top and for sure has managed to revolutionize this particular type of game.

The storyline is the conflict between two camps and the exciting race between them. The game contains many secondary missions that will definitely “plug” you in the game.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the two camps:

The Exiles – these are the positive characters that fight against the system and they are characterized by the fact that they lack resources.

The Dominion – these are negative characters. The Dominion is a corporation that aims to increase profits and expand the influence at any price.

The characters of both sides are divided in four races and six classes. Here is present a completely, original idea of this game, as each class can perform two functions simultaneously: one of these functions can be specific to the race and the other one can be developed according to each player. This is why I have mentioned in the title that you can create your game – you can create your characters as you want, as you imagine, according to your strategies.

Wildstar is a MMORPG that deserves all the attention of consumers of this industry because it has a story compelling enough to keep you alert, but it also shows original features.